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Your Health Podcast: Kids' Nutrition And A Mission To Get Moving

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The armadillo is the only animal, besides humans, that is known to carry leprosy-causing bacteria. Richard Anderson/Flickr hide caption

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Richard Anderson/Flickr

Most doctors surveyed said they think visits to emergency rooms will increase as the new health law is implemented. hide caption

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Jamie Oliver during a scene filmed in Los Angeles from the second season of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" on ABC. Mitch Haddad/AP hide caption

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Mitch Haddad/AP

The new nutrition law gives local providers preference when they bid for school food contracts. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images hide caption

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Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Treadmills desks can be built at home as long as you have a treadmill. Sharyn Morrow/Wikimedia Commons via Flickr hide caption

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Sharyn Morrow/Wikimedia Commons via Flickr

Faith-based groups that share health-care expenses struggle with the question of how much of the burden to share. Stan Rohrer/ hide caption

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Stan Rohrer/